Paridhi Art Group

Becoming a volunteer also means that you care for the society you live in; a society which supports and encourages good social causes also promotes the well being of its fellow citizens. If you have always felt motivated by values like equality, justice, freedom of speech etc and think that the social cause taken up by us, is going to lead us towards the betterment of society then join us!.

Become a volunteer of "Meri Beti Mera Abhimaan" campaign!

It is also a great new way to meet new people, learn strong communication skills, gain experience, and feel good. We are looking for self motivated individuals who understand the need of this social cause and are willing to get involved and associate themselves with the Meri Beti Mera Abhimaan campaign.

Volunteers for Schools

Does it affect you when you see the news of television that women are being treated badly, burnt for dowry, being denied basic rights, not getting the right to education, being victims of molestation and rapes? If want to raise your voice against these issues join us as a ‘Volunteer’ for schools.

Our school ‘Volunteers’ are the people who closely work with schools and make them aware about this burning issue. A young mind if influenced at the right age will deliver a better society without a gender bias in long run.

From time to time we do activities with schools like painting, photography, mobile film, nukkad natak (street play) competitions on the women empowerment themes so that the message is conveyed to young minds in a gentle way. Our School volunteers help coordinate such events with the schools in their neighborhood.

Virtual Volunteering

In case you think that you don’t have enough time to physically devote to this cause due to hectic work schedules though feel strongly for the issue of "providing a better environment for the female child" then become an online volunteer and bring the desired change in the society.

Backed by experienced and passionate virtual volunteers this mission can be quite effective and powerful and can help reach desired goals in no time. You can help us promote our messages on-line on social media.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.