Photography Competition

We are also holding a photography competition under the themes of 'Beti hai Anmol Ratan' and 'Meri Beti Mera Abhimaan' in which the young photographers [class 9th to class 12th] will submit their images and mobile films to us relevant to the theme till 15th August 2017 and we will choose the best pictures from all over India and the they will be put on exhibition and the winners with the best pictures will be suitably awarded.

Photography competition
On the occasion of 70 years of independence

THEMES :- Beti hai Anmol Ratan and Meri Beti Mera Abhimaan

Children studying in Class IX to XII.


First, Second and Third position winners in each category will get a chance to participate in our national marathon where the top 100 paintings will be selected and those will be put on a nationwide exhibition.

You can send your participation follow through this button

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