Free Health Checkup

Growing up days are the hardest to cope up with when all the hormonal changes occur in the body of young girls about which they are worried though not aware of the causes. It leads to bad mental and physical health with serious consequences. Under the Meri Beti Mera Abhimaan we give serious importance to these issues and do health camps and workshops from time to time with young girls and their parents.

Malnutrition is one of the major problems among Indian girls mostly due to gender discrimination. There are not given adequate diet and also their food does not have adequate nutritional value the consequences of which are that they never attain their full growth and hence face further medical complications while giving birth to the next generation. We educate them about the importance of a healthy body and mind and tell them about what is healthy for them.

Most of the Indian girls not have their haemoglobin to the appropriate level and are unaware of the importance of health concerns they should have during ‘those important days’ of mensuration. We also organize free medical camps for theyoung girls and also assert its need to their parents that they should regularly take their girls for regular check-ups and especially keep an eye on their haemoglobin levels.

In order to improve upon the health of female child we do health camps for young girls and educate them regarding various health issues.

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