Paridhi Art Group

Paridhi Art Group is a 31 years old organisation dedicated to arts and culture. We believe that imparting social messages through various art forms leaves a powerful and healthy impact on the minds of people. We have done several projects in this way, our significant achievements been our campaigns Beti hai Anmol Ratan and Meri Beti Mera Abhimaan.

Our other significant achievement been our campaign "Chhupe Rustam" the silent killers; here we tell people through Nukkad Nataks (street plays) how hypertension and diabetes take over your body if you do not follow a healthy lifestyle. We have held these during a 73 days long camp in Tihar jail and done free blood pressure and sugar checkups for the inmates. Our names are registered with the Limca book of World Records for this.

Paridhi Art Group has also successfully organised Ganga Sanskritik Mahotsav in May 2011 where 141 artists performed musician, dancers, poets, painters etc came together for a cleaner Ganga.

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